On Saturday I drove up to Auckland to attend the PIA Fashion show as part of NZ Fashion Weekend. I bought premium tickets and was given such an amazing goodie bag which included products from brands such as Glow Lab, Teddy Lane, remix Magazine, Loreal Makeup, Matrix and many more. The show featured beautiful garments [...]


Review: Essano Clear Complexion Range

This range controls Sebum levels, clean pores and 'kicks imperfections to the curb' as it says on Essano's website. This range is aimed for younger & oily/breakout prone skin as well. Clear Complexion Purifying Gel Cleanser Link To Product Soap-free Scientifically formulated to cleanse, balance oily, young or congested skin, lift impurities, balance oil production & [...]

Leaving School Early: 6 Experiences

6 Experiences from 6 different people about leaving school early.     Baylee Luttrell is 17 years old. She finished school at the end of year 12 and passed NCEA Level 1 & 2 with a merit endorsement.  "My family and I decided to move to Copenhagen (Denmark) for me to pursue my BMX Career in [...]

Time To Let Go

I want to talk about something very serious and something that definitely hits home for me. Friendships. Now I need to get this off my chest and I should have done so sooner. If you're not into reading or anything heart to heart then this post won't be for you. I don't know where to start... [...]

A Little Bit Of A Skincare Review

Today I will be reviewing the Skinfood Mud Masque and the By Nature Moisture Replenishing Face Serum. I hope you all enjoy xx         Skinfood Mud Masque $10 NZD Natural Rotorua mud with Aloe Vera and Jojaba Oil. It is rich in natural minerals found in the volcanic muds in NZ. It is [...]

June/July Monthly Favourites

Today I have brought to you my June/July Monthly Favourites. I combined both months as I didn't really have enough to talk about for them individually. I hope you all enjoy xx     Products Elf Cosmetics Poreless Face Primer - A recent purchase! Definitely blurs pores which I love. I wear this when I don't [...]

Sense & Wonder Launch Party

On Wednesday night I was lucky enough to attend the launch party for Sense & Wonder as a VIP guest. Sense & Wonder is one of the most beautiful jewellery shops I have ever laid eyes on/been in!! They have just opened their shop at Te Awa The Base (by the escalator that goes to the movies).  [...]