Dealing With Anxiety

  I have put together some tips for dealing with anxiety, something that is very common in today's world. Little actions can make a big impact.   Take some time out -- meditate, do yoga and/or Pilates Talk to someone -- a family member, a friend or even a counsellor Get enough sleep -- 8 [...]


Little Voices

  Little voices here Little voices there They want you to do this They want you to do that A prisoner of your own mind You can't do this You can't do that Say the little voices Up in your head A prisoner of your own mind    

10 Questions With A Creative: Zara Gilbert

Behind the scenes of Zara Gilbert's life. I have been following Zara for a few years now and she is definitely someone I look up to and admire. Did you study? If so what did you study? If not, why? I studied at South Seas Film and Television School in Auckland, majoring in Documentary and Research. [...]

Leaving School Early: 6 Experiences

6 Experiences from 6 different people about leaving school early.     Baylee Luttrell is 17 years old. She finished school at the end of year 12 and passed NCEA Level 1 & 2 with a merit endorsement.  "My family and I decided to move to Copenhagen (Denmark) for me to pursue my BMX Career in [...]

Time To Let Go

I want to talk about something very serious and something that definitely hits home for me. Friendships. Now I need to get this off my chest and I should have done so sooner. If you're not into reading or anything heart to heart then this post won't be for you. I don't know where to start... [...]