Skincare Favourites

Here are my absolute ride or die skin care products




The Dermalogica Clear Start cleanser is absolutely amazing! My skin has never been so clear and clean. I haven’t bothered using another cleanser since I bought this one. I have oil/combination skin and I would recommend if you have breakout prone skin too!




I was using the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant which again I LOVE. I ran out so I need to get some more! Since then I have been trying the Glow Lab Brightening Exfoliator which is really good! I have noticed that my skin is clearer and brighter since using this product.




I have 4 moisturising products that I switch between. My favourite out of the 4 is the Essano Superfoods Kale Moisturiser. My skin always feels thoroughly hydrated and is quite thick which I like. Once a week I use the Dermalogica Phyto Replenishing Oil which just helps to keep my skin nice and hydrated. Usually I would avoid oils because my skin is oily but it actually works really well for me. Next I switch between 2 matte moisturisers, the Essano Clear Complexion Oil Control Moisturiser and the Dermalogica Clear Start Matte Moisturiser. I use the Essano one if I will be inside all day and if I’m going to be outside I will use the Dermalogica one which has spf 15 in it.




I’ve been using the Dermalogica Clear Start toner which I love and it actually helps prevent breakouts!! It’s very refreshing and you use it after cleansing & exfoliating.



Face Masks

I am currently using 3 face masks at the moment; from Alya Skin, Dermalogica and Skinfood. I have just received the Alya skin face mask so I will keep testing it out, but so far so good. The Dermalogica Clear Start face mask is a black head clearing fizz mask. It is similar to the bubble masks that were going around on instagram a while ago. After using it I have noticed that my pores and blackheads aren’t as noticeable as they were. The Skinfood mask is a mud mask which leaves you skin feeling super soft, a cheaper alternative to the masks above.


Alya Skin




Glow Lab


K x






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