5 Mistakes We’ve All Made

I am sure we have all made these mistakes before, don’t worry you aren’t alone! Beauty is such a huge thing at the moment so I have brought to you 5 Mistakes We’ve All Made and how you can avoid making them again.


Not removing your make-up before bed: we’ve all been there. Whether it’s coming home late from work and you just want to go to bed or generally just not caring. Sleeping in your make-up can lead to future breakouts. This is due to the make-up mixing with the dirt and oil that has built up throughout the day. I would recommend purchasing a micellar water (the Garnier one is amazing!). I use the Facehalo which is very cost and time effective.

Not washing your make-up brushes/sponges: In other words your basically spreading bacteria/germs on your face like you would spread peanut butter on toast. Cleaning your make-up brushes/sponges will prevent bacteria growth, they’ll give you more of an even application and your brushes/sponges will last longer. I would recommend cleaning them once a week with either a proper brush cleaner or an anti-bacterial soap. I also let my brushes/sponges air dry over night.

Not enough water: Drink, drink, drink!! I can’t stress this enough! Staying hydrated is an absolute must if you’re wanting clear and glowing skin (plus it’s good for you). Water helps rid the body and skin of nasty toxins. Our body is approx 50-70% water. Try replacing everything that you drink such as fizzy and coffee with water and you’ll feel amazing!!

jacalyn-beales-594328-unsplashShampooing too frequently: Now I am a culprit of this one! I used to wash my hair every time I had a shower! I noticed the my hair would be unbelievably greasy from over washing. Now I wash my hair 1-2 times a week and it’s never really greasy (only when it’s time to wash again!). Washing your hair less means you’re not stripping your natural oils as frequently which will keep your hair naturally beautiful rather than dry and brittle.

Testing your foundations on the wrong areas: I often see that people try to match their foundations to their jaw lines, inner wrists, neck, chest and even on the top of their hands which are all VERY different places. For a lot of people their jawlines/face areas are a lot paler than the rest of their body and depending on their bone structure a shadow can also cast across the face. If you’re wanting your whole body to match I would not recommend this area (unless your jaw line/face isn’t paler). The inner wrist is again usually lighter in colour and also have veins showing, again would not recommend. I would recommend the chest area. The chest hopefully is more evenly toned and it won’t look like you’re wearing a mask. Of course its each to your own, what ever your prefer is fine, this is just my opinion!




K x



*Disclaimer: if you do any of these things you are not wrong and this post was not intended to offend anyone in anyway
          * Drinks Photo by Jacalyn Beales on Unsplash

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