How I Edit My Photos

I have been asked about how I edit and take my photos so that is what this post is going to be about. I hope this helps and that you all enjoy xx

First off I take the photo or photos (depending if it is for instagram or my blog). I only use Natural light at this stage so you have to get the timing of the day perfect for the best photos. For my flay lays I aim to take my photos between 9-10am as the lighting is best in my room at this time. For other photos likes selfies around 10ish in the morning and 4-5:30 in the afternoon work best for me too. Also I use my iPhone 8+ to take photos.

Secondly I use Facetune to edit most of my pictures. I only use the smooth, flip and defocus features. Depending on the day some of my photos don’t turn out as well as others due to weather and what time of the day it is so I use the smooth feature to smooth out my skin just a little bit (some photos I don’t edit at all such as my latest colourful look and my bare face with the World Organics Products). I also defocus the back ground to make my look the main point of the photo. In saying this I still want to be as real as possible so I try not to over edit.

The picture on the right is my edited version, the one I have posted to instagram is a completely different photo and was taken in the afternoon as the sun was going down.



For my blog/flatlay images I use Lightroom to edit them. I up the brightness, whiteness, clarity, get rid of most of the shadows and up the black point by a little bit. I love the white to stand out from the marble background.


Here is an example on one of my fave photos I have edited using Lightroom.


Let me know what you edit your photos with


K x




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