Dupe Series: Wet n Wild vs Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks

Today I am bringing a new series to my blog. The DUPE Series. As I am growing my makeup/beauty collection I am now coming across drugstore items that are basically dupes for high end items. I have a few of these planned already but if you guys know of any dupes let me know in the comments below and I’ll give them a go. I hope you all enjoy xx

*These are not shade dupes

For my first dupe I have the Wet n Wild Liquid Lip in the shade Nudist Peach and the Jeffree Star Liquid Lip in the shade Christmas Cookies.







The packaging is so similar!!! They both even have the little clear bit on the lid before the colour. They are the same size and seem to be the same width. Both lipsticks have the same applicator as well which is curved (I find it gives the best application). 

Amount of product

In a Jeffree Star Lipstick you get 0.19 oz/5.6 ml

In this particular Wet n Wild Lipstick you get 0.21 oz/6 g




The Jeffree Star Liquid Lip formula glides on smoothly and easily, is very pigmented, not drying one little bit, super comfortable to wear and you can hardly feel anything on the lips (It’s as if you aren’t wearing anything at all). When swatched on my hand and lips it was reasonably easy to remove.

Wet n Wild’s formula also glides on smoothly, is pigmented, it is a bit drying (It’s not unbearable), comfortable to wear and you can definitely feel that you are wearing a lipstick. When swatched on my hand and lips it was quite hard to remove, it took a while and my lips felt a little sore afterwards.

I personally prefer Jeffree Star’s formula, it is the best I have tried so far!!!!


Wet n Wild Liquid Lipstick Matte $11.99 NZD (from Farmers NZ)

Jeffree Star Christmas Cookie $30.06 NZD (from Princess Polly)


Jeffree Star’s Liquid Lipstick in Christmas Cookies is 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free. Wet n Wild’s Liquid Lipstick in Nudist Peach is Vegan and 100% Cruelty Free. You get more product for the price with Wet n Wild. With shade range Jeffree Star Cosmetics has a huge selection of colours where as here in NZ Wet n Wild has a poor selection of shades.


I recommend both of the liquid lipsticks as they are very similar with packaging and formula at a fraction of the price, but if you have the money I would Totally recommend that you purchase one from Jeffree Star Cosmetics as it is so worth the money!!!


If you are looking for decent priced liquid lipsticks Rimmel London’s are pretty good also!!




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