The Christmas Gift Guide For Her – Beauty Edition

UNDER $100 Gucci Bloom Rollerball - $79.99 Face Halo Makeup Remover - $34.50 Cover FX Liquid Highlights Set - $78.00 Origins Mini Masks - $44.00 Skin Sonic - $75.00 Jo Malone London Christmas Cracker - $93.00         OVER $100   Tatcha Skincare For Makeup Lovers - $102.00 Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb [...]


Review: See.Skin Glow + Hydrate

  I was kindly gifted the Glow + Hydrate oil and have been testing it since I have received it. It is made from 100% sea buckthorn seed oil and is made to improve skin tone, complexion and glow, reduce redness and inflammation, hydrating without the oiliness, can assist with healing acne scars and [...]

Dealing With Anxiety

  I have put together some tips for dealing with anxiety, something that is very common in today's world. Little actions can make a big impact.   Take some time out -- meditate, do yoga and/or Pilates Talk to someone -- a family member, a friend or even a counsellor Get enough sleep -- 8 [...]

Little Voices

  Little voices here Little voices there They want you to do this They want you to do that A prisoner of your own mind You can't do this You can't do that Say the little voices Up in your head A prisoner of your own mind    

Skincare Favourites

Here are my absolute ride or die skin care products   Cleanser The Dermalogica Clear Start cleanser is absolutely amazing! My skin has never been so clear and clean. I haven't bothered using another cleanser since I bought this one. I have oil/combination skin and I would recommend if you have breakout prone skin too! [...]

10 Questions With A Creative: Zara Gilbert

Behind the scenes of Zara Gilbert's life. I have been following Zara for a few years now and she is definitely someone I look up to and admire. Did you study? If so what did you study? If not, why? I studied at South Seas Film and Television School in Auckland, majoring in Documentary and Research. [...]

5 Mistakes We’ve All Made

I am sure we have all made these mistakes before, don't worry you aren't alone! Beauty is such a huge thing at the moment so I have brought to you 5 Mistakes We've All Made and how you can avoid making them again. Not removing your make-up before bed: we've all been there. Whether it's coming [...]